Unforgettable Things To Do In Delhi

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Unforgettable Things To Do In Delhi

The capital of India, Delhi, is world-famous for its unparallel charisma and charming history. People flock from all over the world to witness the architecture and years-old warmth settled in its several historical monuments and buildings. Here is a complete guide to letting you soak in the hidden gems of the city and do unforgettable things in the capital.

Being the heart of the country, Delhi is easily accessible to everyone. Make sure to plan your travel to Delhi with full-proof planning to avoid last minute hiccups. Following is the list of things you need to include on your trip to Delhi.

  • Plan ahead
  • Book Early
  • Research the not so obvious locations.
  • Ask the locals for advice
  • Five unforgettable things to do on your trip
  • In a nutshell


Plan Ahead

Planning helps stay organised and on time with whatever goes along with the vacation and tours. It is critical to plan ahead to avoid missing out on the best times and weather to look around the capital city.

Book Early

Age-old saying about traveling is to book in advance, the hotels, the tickets, and the works. Booking in advance keeps you two steps ahead, one no rush and the second no worries about last-minute planning. Booking early is easy on the pocket as well.

Ask The Locals For Advice

Cities like Delhi are full of helpful and welcoming people for tourists and visitors. So, ask the locals for advice on food, shopping, and to guide on tiny and complex routes around the city.

Five Unforgettable Things To Do In Delhi

  1. Plan A Food Trip

Delhi is famous for its diverse food and hospitality. Get local and plan as many stoppages as possible to gorge on the unique delicacies. Top it all at the end of the day with a bowl of Kulfi or any other ice cream at Connaught Place.

  1. Visit India Gate

Make sure to visit the war memorial and one of the iconic architectural buildings of the capital city, The India Gate. The building is always open and is a great site at nights when people are flocking in to hang out around the gate.

  1. Shopping At Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is the shopper’s paradise and it is highly advisable to get down there to roam around the shops to buy local handicrafts and clothes. Don’t forget to binge on the street food around the market.

  1. Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat or commonly known as Gandhi Smriti is the memorial museum where Gandhi lived and was assassinated. Walk around to witness the old era through the museum artifacts and paintings.

  1. Red Fort

Must-visit monument undoubtedly with huge compounds and museum inside the buildings. Witness the old times architecture and well-scaped gardens inside the fort.

In A Nutshell

The list helps you plan an unforgettable trip around Delhi that speaks volumes of the rich history of the ancient city and possible adventures of explorer’s paradise. Get best deals and offer on flight price and check international flight status when planning to visit Delhi.

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